IDM Has Not Been Registered For 30 Days

IDM Has Not Been Registered For 30 Days! What to do?

Internet Download Manager, famously known as IDM, is an essential tool for people downloading content off the internet. As an IDM user, one may understand that users can use IDM’s free version only for 30 days. IDM should be registered for use after the 30-day trial is completed.

If you use the IDM Trial version, you may see reminders as the days pass. Reminder, as shown in the image below:

IDM not registered

After your trial has ended, IDM can’t be used without registration. Whenever you try to use IDM after the trial ends, you will likely be shown a dialogue box similar to the image below.

IDM not registered

How do I use IDM after the 30-day trial?

There is a list of ways to use IDM after the 30-day trial. Those are:

  • First and foremost, you can purchase or register your copy of IDM from the official website at a certain price according to the time you are buying.
  • Secondly, you can reset the 30-day trial using IDM Trial Reset software. You can download and read more about it in this article:–>IDM Trial Reset.
  • Another way is to download repacked versions of IDM, which can be used without any restrictions on trial. If you want to download and read more about the repacked version of IDM, take a look at this article:–> IDM Repack.
  • Lastly, we have the cracked versions of IDM. You may be familiar with the term “crack”. You can find a bunch of cracked software, including IDM Crack. They may contain viruses, but we specialize in the IDM problem. So, feel free to check out our article on IDM Crack, its pros and cons, and also a less harmful version of IDM Crack. Click here to check it out
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