2024 ▷ Download Google Drive File Using IDM

In this post, We’ll explore this matter further: ”How to fix large Google Drive files that are not downloading from IDM.”. This problem occurs when IDM [Internet Download Manager] doesn’t integrate correctly with your browser (Mostly Google Chrome). It also happens when the format isn’t added to the IDM.

Let’s get started to fix this issue😉


Download a Large Google Drive file with IDM (Step-By-Step):

Just follow the steps to resume your downloads😍
  • First, Open the Google Drive URL in your browser (Chrome) and click the Download button.
  • If the file is large, then Google Drive will show you a message. Here, you don’t need to worry. Just click on Download anyway.
  • If the downloading starts in Chrome, cancel it and open the download section (Ctrl+J shortcut key for Chrome browser).
  • Under the file name, the Google Drive link will be shown. Copy it!
  • Paste the copied link (URL) in the Add URL option of IDM.
  • It takes some time to process the file details.
  • Now, if you see the same file name and size, it’s good, but if you don’t, wait until the Google Chrome icon doesn’t appear.
  • Copy the URL from the IDM Download Panel to the IDM Add URL section.
  • I’m sure that you’ll get the same file this time.
  • All done!

It is the first type of issue that occurs when using IDM to download a file from Google Drive.

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In Conclusion:

In this post, we highlighted some steps that help you fix the issue: ”How to fix large Google Drive files that are not downloading from IDM.”. I hope this article will help you to fix this issue. If you have any questions regarding IDM, please let us know in the comment section below.

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